Sunday 28th April.
Brogan Mooney has a good lead in the championship, but can he hold on to it?
Be at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna to find out.

Spectators only $15 at the gate, kids under 16 free with paying adult.

Drivers - Entries are open. See the Event Page for details



Do the weather God's have something against us?
For the second round in a row the rain came and made things tricky for the drivers.
This time the track got slippery right at the start of the ranking (qualifying) battles...
Alex Pirlea must have worked out the new track conditions best as he came out highest ranked, just ahead of Morgan Rooney and Scott Welsh.
Into the eliminations, the track had dried, but Pirlea couldn't progress far with engine issues. 
Both of the You Break We Fix S15's were looking good though even after ending the ranking battles a bit lower placed than usual. Meeting in the semi final, championship leader Brogan Mooney was taken out by a returning Daniel Currie, who went on to win the final battle.

In the Development Series, Chevenne Hassan made it 3 from 3 this season. Ahead of Peter Sarchett, and Mitchell Doake.

We're back in Chch Sunday April 28th for the championship decider. Where it will be sunny all day!



So what started as a nice sunny day soon got a tad wet.
Unfortunately before we could finish the day the rain came down so hard we had no choice but to call it early.
Top 4 had to be decided based on qualifying so we ended up with :
1 - Brogan Mooney
2 - Alex Pirlea
3 - Morgan Rooney
4 - Tom Ickenroth

The Development ran their judged laps in the rain too but luckily not as bad.
1 - Chevenne Hassan
2 - Dom Edwards
3 - Peter Sarchett


Development Series Scoring
Pro Drift Ranking Battles
Pro Drift Top 32 Round
Pro Drift Top 16 - Final
Pro Drift Standings 


Round 1 (Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna) - Sat 6th October 2018
Round 2 (Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna) - Sat 22nd December 2018
Round 3 (Levels Raceway Timaru) - Sat 23rd February 2019
Round 4 (Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna) - Sunday 28th April 2019

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The new format for 2018 Drift Schools:

Beginner morning events - 9am - 12pm
Or whole Day 10am - 4pm
-A TRACK VERSION 1 used. 2nd gear for most cars, easier for beginners.
-Small groups alternating on track, cars one at a time.
-Tutors assisting with advice and driving tips.

Intermediate Schools
-Run for 2 hours before selected Have a Go Days.
-For drivers who have done a school or 2 but want some more help from experienced drivers and a bit of separation from other cars.
-Same track used as the Have a Go Day.

See for info and entries for the next school on Feb 8th



New to the format is the Drift South Development Series.

Basically the same as the old Street Legal, open to almost anyone who wants to come out and compete. You get 2 practice sessions and then a session of judged laps to give you a final score. Top 3 placings get the trophies

You must have some track drift experience, preferably from a Drift School

Requirements: Road cars and track cars are able to compete if they meet a few basic requirements: 

Road cars must have a WOF, bolted down battery and an approved fire extinguisher - bolted through the floor. They will be scrutineered to make sure everything is safe.

Competition cars may be used and must meet the same requirements as Pro Drift.

Personal safety requirements include a minimum of clean 100% cotton overalls and an approved helmet. (See Schedule A to find the regulations for helmets and all other requirements) 


Did you know...?

We're Old! - DriftSouth is in it's 12th year of event season. The series started back in 2006

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2017/2018 Results

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