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Pro Drift -

Pro Drift is a 4/5 round Drift series using different track configurations at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, one round at Levels in Timaru and one at Teretonga in Invercargill on selected seasons.
The requirements to enter rounds of this series is that you have attended a Drift School and competed in at least one Drift South Development Series event, or similar track drifting experience. If you think you have the skills to enter then send us a message and we'll see what we can do.
Pro Drift events are classified as CLUBSPORT ADVANCED - drivers require full membership of the Canterbury Car Club or any other Motorsport NZ affiliated car club and obtain a M Grade licence.
- Cars must comply with Schedule A and Schedule DR and will have a have a full homologated roll cage and log book; subject to audit as per the regulations.

Non compliance may result in you not being able to compete.

Critical Safety items required include double layer overalls, or single layer with approved fireproof full body undergarments, an approved helmet and optional but highly recommended are fireproof gloves and neck braces.

The new format from 2016/17 has a new qualifying format where drivers get 3 randomly drawn battle pairs where they are scored and ranked in order to create the "battle tree" which is the standard top 32/16 style format where the winner moves on to the next battle. 

Development Series -

The format for the Drift South Development Series is classified as CLUBSPORT BASIC allowing you to run your car with minimum requirements, namely a WOF, bolted down battery and approved fire extinguisher bolted through the floor. Competition cars may be used and must meet the same requirements as Pro Drift. Personal safety requirements include a minimum of clean 100% cotton overalls and an approved helmet. (See Schedule A link below to find the helmet regulations) 

You may enter the Development Series once before you are required to be a member of a car club such as the Canterbury Car Club.
This event is run in conjunction with and in a similar format to the Pro Drift competition, with practice sessions run with one car on track at a time and then judged laps where you get a score out of 10 and your best runs are averaged to make a final score for rankings. Judging is a bit more lenient allowing a lap with spins or mistakes to still gain a score.


Practice Days

There are two different types of practice day at Mike Pero Motorsport Park.

Have a go days - Held as often as we can find space in the track calendar

Cost varies, see individual event pages in calendar.

These days are not for first timers, you must have done at least 1 Drift School to enter (or get in touch if you have other track drift experience).

Pre entry is now required for all of our events, see form with event info.


Pre-event Test Days - Before each Drift South competition day we hold a Test day, generally the Tuesday before the event but this may vary.

These are aimed at those competing in either class of the Drift South competition but are open to anyone who has entered a drift school or more.

Cost varies, see individual event pages in calendar.

Pre entry is now required for all of our events, see form with event info. 


Spectator Entry:

Entry for each competition round will cost you $15pp with kids under 16 free.

Please drive safely and keep the skids for the track only. Drunkenness and skidding in the car park will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately.

If you want to have a go, come to one of our drift schools and do it properly.

* Security and Video surveillance will be in place in the car parks


Canterbury Car Club membership application: CLICK HERE

M Grade licence application form: CLICK HERE

Schedule DR - Drift specific rules: CLICK HERE

Schedule A - Driver & vehicle safety: CLICK HERE