Next available Drift Have a go days are:  


Tuesday 25th August
A Track V2
Entries open , see bottom of page for entry link after reading the rules below
Entry fee: $100 for CCC Members, $130 for non members


By filling out this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on this page and of our track user agreement for open test days which can be found here.



Expected dates going forward:
Tue 8 Sept - A Track V1
Fri 18 Sept (Day before Round 1) - Track TBC




Standard Drift Day Rules: 

  • Drivers must have completed one of our drift schools or have other approved track drift experience to enter
  • Please keep off the grass/dirt whenever possible. If you leave the track do not continue drifting.
  • Convertible cars must have homologated roll protection, non homologated may be permitted for road legal car if deemed suitable.
  • Repeated leaving the track (even slightly off) and your day is over 
  • Passengers only in approved cars (Motorsport NZ approved cage with valid harnesses etc)
  • No drifting outside marked drift zone 
  • Noise will be tested, no cars over 95db will be allowed on track 
  • 100% Cotton long sleeve/leg overalls in tidy clean condition. SFI or FIA approved race overalls highly recommended
  • All other clothing must be non flammable (100% cotton/wool)
  • Helmet to be worn by driver and passengers must be undamaged and meet Motorsport NZ standards. See page 45 of manual here for approved safety labels: Click HERE
  • No battling/close driving in non caged cars or when carrying passengers 
  • If you spin do not stay on the gas
  • Flags or flag point lights must be obeyed, yellow means stop drifting as the may be something on track, red means something more major return to the pits

Your car must meet the requirements of Motorsport NZ's Schedule A & Schedule DR

There is a lot to this so please ask if you are unsure about anything, the big things to look at include:
- Fire extinguisher is required and must be bolted to the floor with a double strap metal bracket, 6mm+ bolts, panel washers & nyloc nuts
- Car to preferably either have a current WOF & REG, Motorsport NZ Logbook
- Battery must be securely clamped down, no straps or cable ties 
- Battery in any location other than factory must be mounted by 4 bolts and be entirely sealed from the cabin (in a sealed box or in boot with firewall)
- Non factory fuel systems in the boot must be entirely sealed from the cabin
- Any roll cage fitted must be homologated or in a fully road legal car, non homologated cages only at the discretion of the organisers (no Cusco etc)
- Catch cans if fitted must be at least 1l capacity if engine size under 2000cc or 2l can for larger than 2000cc engine. All oil breather lines and fittings must be sealed, nothing can allow oil to escape
- Body work must be complete and tidy, all panels to be attached, no sharp edges etc
- All exhaust outlets MUST exit the bodywork behind the mid point of the car, this includes wastegate screamer pipes


If you do not follow these rules you may be sent home immediately


Pre entry is required for all of our drift days, for have a go days you may pay on the day
If you enter and can no longer make it on the day PLEASE LET US KNOW




Drivers - bring your logbook along if you have one, cars will get a basic scrutineering for safety items including driver and passenger's gear. Check the rules above to have a read of what is required  

Reminder. If you complete this form but can longer make it please let us know


Bank a/c for transfers: 02 0865 0020166 25 Canterbury Car Club.

Or ph us for credit card payments. 03 349 6003


There is no closing date for these days, however there is a limited number of spaces so you are highly recommended to get in early to avoid missing out.

If the event is cancelled before the day you will receive a full refund.

The Canterbury Car Club reserves the right to cancel the event at any time if entry numbers are low.